Like many women I know, I thought at first I didn’t need a personal trainer.  I thought I could accomplish losing weight on my own with exercise and eating better. After working with Laura for only a couple of months, I have not only started my path to losing weight, but Laura has inspired me to change my outlook on my total personal health, well being, and attitude – something I could have never accomplished on my own. Laura has been inspirational, and has pushed me beyond the boundaries I thought possible for me in such a short amount of time.  She fully understands the needs of my daily life with two children, and has been extremely accommodating around my busy schedule and in my own home. I look forward to my workouts!  Thanks Laura!
Wendy S., Aurora

I am so happy with the results and I couldn't have lost the baby weight without your help and encouragement. Each week I looked forward to our sessions. Thank you so much!
T.R. - Newmarket

Laura is a fantastic trainer and very positive.  She is always giving ideas to make exercise more functional - like performing a plank over your baby! I participated in Stroller Fitness & Core & Booty blast classes and enjoyed them both so much!
Jill C., Newmarket

Last year I began training with Laura - my New Year's Resolution.  At first we began a weight training program specifically for me, each step being explained in detail. I knew what muscle groups we were working and how to get the best results.  After a couple of months working with Laura she suggested that WE register for a 5 km race.  It was awesome! At first I was very hesitant, but with some persuading and great training through her running program, I (WE) actually finished in under 30 minutes!  I could not have completed the race without her.  Thanks Laura for the excellent training!
H.L., Aurora